Sharjah Ladies Club Activities Offers and Packages

Sharjah Ladies Club focuses on female empowerment. It’s a private and luxurious destination with a rich range of enrichment opportunities in leisure, beauty treatment, hospitality, and fitness endeavors. Women can relax in safety here, enjoying true peace of mind. 

Though there’s a broad nature to the services on offer, it’s possible to refine the experience even further to one that’s more intensely personal and meaningful to you. Keen to be accessible to as many women as possible, Sharjah Ladies Club has offers and packages on many of their offerings. By signing up via one of them, you can better customize your experience.

So, how can you ensure you’re securing the Sharjah Ladies Club activities offers and packages that are right for you? Keep reading for some of our tips. 

Plan Level of Engagement   

It’s possible to waste the potential a ladies club offers – ladies club packages can be misused if you’re not fully onboard with what’s provided. These places have flexible arrangements, but you should be willing to make the most of them once you’re signed up. 

Offers and packages facilitate the involvement of others. These safe women’s spaces have a community or family feel and accommodate whatever your needs. If the member’s daughter (15+) years has been added to the plan, aerobics classes can be shared with them too. Gain a comprehensive overview of everything Sharjah Ladies Club offers to decide just how much of what you what to experience with loved ones. 

The weekend package membership offer specifies that unused aerobics classes cannot be carried over to the following month. Therefore, it’s a good idea to map out what level of commitment you and any family members are willing to put forward. Gauge levels of interest in each ladies club activity. 

Look at the Membership Fees

Sharjah Ladies Club offers a lot for women to benefit from. Though there’s a lot to enjoy here, it’s always a good idea to operate in a budget-friendly fashion.

Browse the ladies club membership fees that Sharjah Ladies Club lists on their website. The one-month membership benefit fees earn you a 20% discount on all food and beverages and fitness training and classes. You can mix things up and enjoy a different ladies club activity with unlimited access to the beach, leisure pool, ice skating rink, and outdoor tennis club. You’d also have access to member-only events.

While many ladies club packages can be enticing, try to choose the budget-friendly deal that gives you more for less. Focus on value for money.

Consider Government Rates

Some people are eligible for Sharjah Ladies Club activities offers and packages due to government rates. These special circumstances could work in your favor for further discounts of up to 20%. 

For example, students and faculty of Sharjah University, employees of Government and Private Organizations, and holders of Wafer and Isaad Cards all benefit here. Review your personal circumstances to see if you can make things work that way. 


Sharjah Ladies Club is an important safe space for women. It’s not quite as ‘exclusive’ or ‘elite’ as many might presume at first. There are flexible and affordable options for people of all types, so reaffirm your commitment to these opportunities and see what arrangements best work for you.